Wednesday, December 16, 2015

TMC4 Program Shaping Up!

With just over six weeks until Treasure Mountain Canada 4, the program is shaping up! So what can you look forward to at this fourth edition of TMC? Here's the preliminary run-down.

An Integrated Super Conference and TMC Experience

This year's symposium is presented in partnership with the Ontario Library Association's Super Conference, and that means an enriched experience for attendees. The OLA is offering very attractive registration and pricing options. Registration for the full Super Conference experience includes TMC, or your registration for TMC only will include some Super Conference experiences. Here's how it looks.

Option 1: Full Super Conference (Includes TMC)
  • All keynote and spotlight speakers
  • Hundreds of workshops to choose from
  • Unlimited entrance privileges to Super Expo
  • Opening and Closing parties
  • OSLA Awards Reception
  • PLUS - all of Option 2

Option 2: TMC Friday & Saturday
  • OSLA Spotlight Speaker Wendy Newman
  • Access to all Friday workshops & Super Expo
  • Closing keynote, Wab Kinew, and reception
  • Dinner @ Joe Badali's with TMC Keynote Speaker David Cameron
  • Continental breakfast and boxed lunch, Saturday
  • Interactive TMC Research Symposium led by Dr. David V. Loertscher and Carol Koechlin; Focus speakers, Table Talks and papers by such learning leaders as Dr. Dianne Oberg, Monica Berra, Anita Brooks Kirkland, Cindy Van Wonderen, Diana Maliszewski, Alanna King, Deborah McCallum, Peggy Lunn, Judith Sykes, Gerald Brown and many more.
  • Special extended session to discuss future of school libraries in Canada in light of potential transformation of CLA

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