Thursday, May 31, 2012

Abstract Teasers!

Take a look at the 'Abstract Teasers' page of the wiki to read about a five of the research papers submitted for TMCanada 2012.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TMCanada 2012 on June 2&3, 2012!!!

In a few short days will be Treasure Mountain Canada 2012, our second Canadian research retreat for school libraries! On Saturday June 2 we will begin at the University of Ottawa @ 1:30 pm with a focus on Learning for the Future. The audience of interested participants from school libraries are practitioners and decision-makers asking for updated standards and guidelines to assist in moving the Learning Commons approach forward!

Join us live through this blog. Feel free to comment on posts, review posts from TMCanada 2010, our first bi-annual research retreat and visit the tabbed link to the TMCanada wiki, where you can review the submitted research papers. Join us on Twitter @ TMCanada or use the hashtag #tmcanada2012 !!