TMC7 Papers Table of Contents

 Papers submitted for the symposium will be posted on this website according to the six sub-themes. The editors acknowledge that many papers actually connect across more than one theme. Each paper will have its own page complete with information about the author and a brief summary of the work. You will see a link inviting you to Read the Paper on each page. As you read you can add comments for the author in the comments section at the bottom of the page. The authors will appreciate your thoughts, questions and additional ideas and links and we encourage our authors to respond to comments. If you are not able to attend in person we would still appreciate your comments.

Papers curated and edited by Carol Koechlin and Judith Sykes.

Post-Pandemic Library Learning Commons: From Crisis to Invention

Increasing development of the virtual LLC and the development of innovative participatory learning opportunities

Ensuring infusion of digital literacy skills and global competencies

Continued growth in diversity awareness and action such as collection development, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion

Attention to how the library supports wellness for both staff and students

Expanding the engagement of students in making and doing in the physical and virtual LLC

Outreach to the school community to inspire reading and learning

Riffing on OSLIP: A Conversation by Diana  Maliszewski, Dawn Legrow, and Sarah Wheatley