Sunday, November 12, 2017

Taste of TMC5 Papers : Instructional Approaches

Culturally Relevant and Responsive School Library Learning Commons

Quotations from the Papers

"The documentation and sharing of learning in our makerspace has indeed made learning visible and has kindled conversation about making across the curriculum, resulting in an impact on teaching and learning not only in the library learning commons makerspace, but across the school." MelanieMulcaster

"Through the implementation of the library learning commons model, there will be more opportunities for wisdom to be cultivated, shared, and applied to students’ learning, and in the development of effective teaching and learning approaches." 

"The entire school community should be a safe and supportive environment for all learners to develop, understand and value their own identity as well as the identity of others. The school library learning commons can be very instrumental in setting the tone for self-discovery and inclusiveness."

“As instructional leaders, teacher-librarians should always be thinking about ways to integrate reconciliation and Indigenous cultures within their schools…….. As educators, we have a tremendous role to play in the shaping of the Indigenous narrative in Canada. What we do, say, or don’t do and say, how we teach or the perspectives we champion in our Library Learning Commons have a tremendous impact on our students - Indigenous and non-Indigenous, alike.” Jo-AnneGibson

"Changing our practice as educators often requires changes in the way we think about the world, that is, changes in our often-unexamined assumptions about what is reality. The work of considering new-to-us theoretical frameworks and discourses is difficult and often uncomfortable." 

"Windows and mirrors analogy - Make sure your students can see out the windows to learn about others, but they also need to see themselves in your school and Library learning Commons community to feel acknowledged and included." VivianneVogarty