Sunday, June 3, 2012

National Standards for School Libraries

Judith Sykes speaks to us via Skype to share her reflections about renewal of the national standards for school libraries and the development of the Learning Commons and leadership. A proposal for a writing project has been brought forth to the Executive Council of the Canadian Library Association, today @ the all day council meeting. The project looks to develop an app, as opposed to a print book, that can allow for cost recovery. The app would allow for downloadable criterion-based templates. The proposal includes a tight time line and is to make use of provincial associations to propel the dialogue and feedback. The development would likely be via GoogleDocs, with submission during the Fall and editing into the Winter months, with a meet at OLA's Superconference before a final re-write. Possibly there can be a launch for CLA next Spring.

The templates that Judith proposes is like an action plan to consider targets, within the local school context. It can be used for goal-setting. It may well work as an 'innovation map'.  At this point the likelihood is that feedback will not necessarily be via provincial association presidents, as the listserv is no longer viable. We will have to initiate communication via the Voices for School Library ning. Ray's suggestion is that we also contact individuals beyond our school library community, to Ministries of Education. How can parents and senior staff of Boards of Education be involved?

 The Alberta Education School Library Services Initiative (SLSI) has informed Judith's work. The associated survey, included on this site, can be utilized to propel the conversation and feedback. Linda Shantz-Keresztes has echoed the enthusiasm for this proposal and the significance for the future of school libraries in Canada.

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