Saturday, January 30, 2016

OSLA Award for Special Achievement

The Ontario School Library Association has honoured Treasure Mountain Canada with its Award for Special Achievement. The award honours individuals or organizations outside individual schools or school boards which have provided significant support to teacher-librarians and school library development in Ontario through exceptional projects and activities.

OSLA 2015 President Jeanne Conte (L) and James Saunders of Saunders Book Company (R) present the OSLA Award for Special Achievement to TMC's Dr. David Loertscher, Carol Koechlin and Liz Kerr.

The award honours the exceptional achievement of TMC in fostering scholarship and action research into school library learning commons practice in Canada, and for being the incubator for the Leading Learning Project. 

The objectives of Treasure Mountain are to: 
  • Address learning for the future
  • Support the reinvention of school libraries to address the evolving information and technology needs of learning for the future.
  • Invite researchers, school library practitioners, educational leaders and policy-makers to collaborate and move forward together
  • Collaboratively explore ideas, inspire each other and build collective knowledge of the learning commons approach as sustainable school improvement.
  • Analyze the Canadian research available and encourage further academic and site based research.
  • Alert the school community and the education community of the urgent need to refocus learning for the future and ignite the potential of school library learning commons.

Our sincere congratulations and thanks go to David, Carol and Liz for their extraordinary vision in bringing Treasure Mountain to Canada, and for its extraordinary accomplishments over the past six years!

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