TMC6 Papers Table of Contents

The papers have been posted on this website according to the four sub-themes of this symposium however the editors acknowledge that many papers actually connect across more than one theme. Each paper has its own page complete with information about the author and a brief summary of the work. You will see a link inviting you to Read the Paper on each page. As you read you can add comments for the author in the comments section at the bottom of the page. The authors will appreciate your thoughts, questions and additional ideas and links and we encourage our authors to respond to comments. If you are not able to attend in person we would still appreciate your comments.

Papers curated and edited by Carol Koechlin and Judith Sykes.

Participatory Learning in the Library Learning Commons

Collaborative Environments

Powerful Instruction and Powerful Assessment: The Double-Helix of Learning by Garfield Gini-Newman and Laura Gini-Newman

Innovation Grants: Supporting Professional Learning and Collaborative Inquiry in the Library Learning Commons by Rebeca Rubio

Wise Practices and Intercultural Understandings: A Framework for Educator Videoconferencing by Leigh Cassell

Exploring Digital Horizons within the Culture of the New Learning Commons by Pippa Davies

Getting on the train: a decade of shifting culture in the school library by Alanna King

The Benefits of a Participatory Learning Environment in the School Learning Commons by Patricia Baker

Amplify Student Voice by Connecting Students to Each Other & the World by Jennifer Casa-Todd

Culturally Relevant and Responsive SLLC

Toward an Understanding of the Impact of Youth Involvement in Purchasing Resources for the School Library Learning Commons and Issues of Equity in Participant Selection by Diana Maliszewski

Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy in a Racially Homogenous School by Rabia Khokhar

Accessibility for All

The Eric Walters School Library Summer Lending Challenge: Findings from the Research by Anita Brooks Kirkland and Carol Koechlin

Libraries and The New Basics by Christine Corso

Ontario School Library Impact Project (OSLIP): Information Literacy from High School to University by Dianne Oberg

Connections between campuses: Creating a collaborative OCULA/OSLA information literacy toolkit by Heather Buchansky

The Human Library at the Louise Arbour Secondary School Library Learning Commons by Jonelle St. Aubyn

Creativity and Innovation

Collaborative Professionalism: Participatory Learning within the OLA By-Law 2 Consultation Committee by Kasey Mallen Whalley

Maker. Space. Inquiry. Place.What might be the connection? By Beth Lyons

#12daysbooksnbytes - Fostering Professional Participatory Learning Cultures with Literacy and Code by Melanie Mulcaster

If You Give a Kid a Camera: Participatory Visual Literacy in the LLC by Jane Dennis-Moore

Participatory Learning through Phenomenon Based Learning: Moving from the Learning Commons into the Classroom by Greg Harris

School Culture

Coteaching Revisited: The Replication Study by David V. Loertscher

Reflections in the Library Learning Commons: Collaboration by Jennifer Brown

Ignite a Lifelong Love of Learning: Create an intergenerational book club in your library learning commons and invite your community to explore the diverse world of the human experience by Lisa Lewis