Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Treasure Mountain Research Retreat #22

Last week, along with many other loyal organizers, I assisted Dr. David Loerstcher to organize and facilitate the last U.S. TreasureMountain. It was held in Columbus Ohio and hosted by the famous INFOhio group. This symposium has provided voice and leadership opportunities to hundreds of school librarians over the last 26 years. It was during the 2007 event in Reno Nevada that Liz Kerr, Sandi Zwaan and I made a pact to create a similar opportunity for Canadian school library professionals. The success of our own TMC over the past 8 years has long surpassed our hopes and dreams and we look forward to TMC4 just a few months away.  

The theme this year in Ohio was, Start a Revolution in the Learning Commons and sparked great papers and passionate speakers and table talks. We started with engaging participants as leaders of innovation in their schools and districts and kept building the spirit of disruptive change and innovation throughout the two days we had together.

Some key messages:
“Learning Commons is an ideal disruptive environment to breed innovation” David Loertscher
“It’s the attitude of the maker we are building not the makerspace.” Bill Derry
“Use your camera, use your camera.” Joyce Valenza on Engaging Tools for Evidence Based Practice
“We want our learning commons to be a breeding ground for intellectual discourse.” Ross Todd

Commitment to leading the learning commons revolution was sealed with a BIG THINK activity that truly demonstrated the collaborative genius of the room! This last TM event also paid tribute to David Loertscher and his work over the years to support and enrich school libraries everywhere. You will find some awesome tributes here on this collaborative presentation

Thank you David. 
Created by Ross Todd

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  1. We owe a lot to Dr. Loertscher, and of course we're so glad of the "pact" to take inspiration from his Treasure Mountain model to create TM Canada!


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