Saturday, February 1, 2020

Spotlight Speaker: Deborah Dundas

Deborah Dundas joined us to discuss her article, Who Do We See in Kids' Books? Star Survey Provides Insight into Diversity of Canadian Publishers and the Characters they Develop.  

This research began in March of 2019 when Deborah developed a survey to measure diversity specifically in Canadian publishing in 2018.

This required setting standards for what material is considered Canadian and who to target (approximately 55 publishers across the country).

The majority of participants reacted positively to the survey and the return rate was approximately 75%.

You can read the results of the survey in the article. 

Deborah plans to do the survey again this year and identified certain issues to consider further including representation of disabled people, who gets to read which books and their availability in small-town libraries, listing specific titles as a resource for educators, librarians, and communities, and a more granular breakdown of the authors and illustrators for a full picture of own voices representation.

Questions and comments from our TMC6 participants included representing the diversity of our school communities in collections (rather than of Canada as a whole) and considering the intersectionality of identities in books.   

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