Saturday, February 1, 2020

Spotlight Speaker: Leigh Cassell

Leigh Cassell joined us virtually to discuss her paper, Wise Practices and Intercultural Understandings: A Framework for Educator Videoconferencing.

There has been little research on how educators are using video conferencing in their classrooms.  This paper offers a framework based on the wisdom of educators using videoconferencing with their students with a focus on:

  • Advice
  • Skills & knowledge students gain
  • Challenges
  • How students grow as global citizens

"It gets kind of boring listening to the teacher all the time.  She's smart but it's more fun to talk to people on the computer" - Mark, grade 6 

Leigh discussed how using tools like videoconferencing technology is one of the most powerful and impactful ways we can create authentic and meaningful opportunities for intercultural understanding for students.

This is one way students can experience the curriculum, connect, and network with experts and industry leaders.  Leigh points out that building these new relationships for the purpose of learning is one of the most positive experiences we can provide our students.

"If we can bring the curriculum to life through these meaningful connections, I think we have the opportunity to help students develop as globally competent citizens."

This research has demonstrated the positive impacts these experiences can provide for students.

Leigh thanked Diana Maliszewski for reviewing the paper and planting the seed to consider critical scholars concerned with justice-oriented intercultural experiences.  

She looks forward to the time when the research team continues on with this work - there is a lot of data to still work through and they are excited for more in-depth case studies with teachers who have shared their experiences.

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