Thursday, June 3, 2010

collaborative intelligence

David is drawing our day's learning together with the statement, "You're about to see just what collaborative intelligence looks like." He's organizing us to do group table work, to go to our Collaborative Workspaces Google spreadsheet entries. It's there that we have been documenting our reflections after speaker addresses, there that we have been capturing the connections we're making and there that we are organizing our newly constructed learning in the theme categories. David is leading us into the Big Think.

He's assigning us a topic, from the strands down the page: From Transmission to Transformation, Towards a Transformative Pedagogy, From Teacher-Librarian to Learning Leader, From School Library to Learning Commons, From Information Literacy to 21st Century Skills, Building Both Narrative and Expository Readers. Our task and guiding question: From the comments on the spreadsheet, what are the common threads we're seeing?

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