Thursday, June 3, 2010

Information Literacy Leadership

Dianne Yee and Marlene Ponjavic are sharing their leadership and vision experiences with us. Their embrace of strategic approaches to creating opportunities for new learning relationships is inspiring. The import of support from administrators, including a respect for the teachers' ICT competence, is highlighted. The significance of creativity and resourcefulness in using a range of technology is noted. Marlene makes a point of matching pedagogical purpose to the ICT resources at hand. Read their paper Information Literacy Leadership to see how she helped students to explore photosynthesis with GarageBand!

Ross Todd is reflecting for us on Dianne and Marlene's address to us. "How did you come to your mutual mandate?", he asked. Both ladies emphasize respect, trust, shared expertise and brave conversations. Tapping into underutilized talent in a school is critical.

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