Thursday, June 3, 2010

Skype it in!

Ray Doiron visited us remotely, by Skype!

Discussing School Libraries 2.0, he fluidly links literacy (literacies!) and libraries. In looking to critically question some long-held tenets and to create a new research-based vision, his purpose for us is to explore the notions of web 2.0, library 2.0 and pedagogy 2.0.

In looking at a new vision for our school libraries, we need to consider co-creation with all active users. Our wariness of new learners as digital natives is an opportunity to journey with them, to travel the digital landscape together. Our physical and virtual space is an open source, open access environment for social construction of new learning.

Ray asserts that we need to create these visions locally, with our active users, but really we need to think locally and act globally, to create a vision for all school libraries!

Visit School Libraries Worldwide and Towards a Transformative Pedagogy for School Libraries for more!

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