Thursday, October 6, 2022

An Invitation to Participate

Treasure Mountain Canada is a participatory event, and we are now ready for you to participate! 

Here's a message from TMC co-founder and symposium co-chair Carol Koechin, inviting you to collaborate with us.

In just two weeks we will be gathered in New Westminster for the seventh Treasure Mountain Canada symposium. Many of the TMC7 papers contributed by enthusiastic and talented school library professionals and supporters right across the country are now published on our TMCanada Blog. We invite you to begin reading and responding to papers today. The paper writers will in turn respond to your comments and questions and others will join in with their ideas. These conversations are a very important component of the success of the TMC7. 

A note to those who prepared papers for TMC7. Please follow the conversations posted regarding your paper but also read other papers and respond to those that interest you. Participants who will be attending the Saturday symposium will be working with the papers and collaboratively responding to challenges designed to delve deeper into the issues of the day. However, there will be no time to read papers on Saturday. The expectation is that participants will already be very familiar with the ideas put forth in the papers.

And finally, an invitation for the CSL community, please read, enjoy, and learn with us. Encourage colleagues who are not attending in person to follow events on our TMCanada Blog and/or follow us on Twitter #TMCanada2022. We need to hear everyone’s voice and build our commitment to advance school library learning commons in Canada from coast to coast to coast.

This TMCanada Blog is where we present the papers submitted for your consideration, and where the true collaboration that makes TMC so unique begins. Please visit the blog regularly, as papers continue to be added. Participate in the discussion, as Carol encourages in her message. Please Note: We request that you always identify yourself when commenting. Anonymous comments risk being deleted by the blog moderator.

And for paper contributors, if you have submitted your paper but don't see it here, please check back in a day of two. We've been very busy curating and formatting papers, to say nothing of getting them onto this site. We promise yours will be here ASAP!