Friday, May 30, 2014

Diane Oberg: Relentlessly Focused on Learning

Diane Oberg, Professor Emerita from the University of Alberta named her paper on a quote from from a British inspector for education (Ofsted), who described the work of a secondary school as being "relentlessly focused on learning". And that, stresses Oberg, is what the work of the school library learning commons should be all about. She is talking about the importance of evaluation, based on standards, to foster this work. The impact of the program needs to be measured through evidence-based practice.

You can read Diane's paper at:

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  1. I think we should adopt Dr Oberg's paper title as a theme for moving forward and of course EBP and action research is critical to "knowing and showing"(Ross Todd) that our work makes a difference.
    This paper links nicely with the Judith Sykes paper Moving Forward: Implementing and Sustaining the School Library Learning Commons (SLLC) Through Mentoring, Accountability, Research, Community (MARC)