Friday, May 30, 2014

Table Talk Round 2: Instructional Design

We have now started our second round of table talks, this time on the Leading Learning theme, Cultivating Effective Instructional Design to Co-Plan, Teach and Assess Learning.

Here are the links to our discussion leaders' papers.

Judith Sykes: Moving Forward: Implementing and Sustaining the School Library Learning Commons Through Mentoring, Accountability, Research, Community (MARC)

Jeanne Conte: Inquiry Into Use of iPads in the Library Learning Commons: Peel Teacher-Librarian iPad Exploration

Alanna King: Transliteracy and the Teacher-Librarian

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  1. All the standards are important and link together of course but this one is so critical to moving schools to a true LC approach. Collaborative knowledge building, inquiry, participatory learning, and much more...there are 7 papers on this theme submitted for TMC. Many thanks Judith, Alanna and Jeanne for sharing on site:)