Friday, May 30, 2014

Table Talks Round 3

The focus for our third round of table talks is the Leading Learning thread, Designing Learning Environments to Support Participatory Learning.

To kick off thinking about this theme, Dr. David Loertscher and Marc Compton shared strategies and tools for building a Virtual Learning Commons.

Here are the topics for this round of table talks.

Lois Nunn: The Mindful Library: A Path to Student Well-Being, Mental Health Literacy, and Mindfulness in the Library and Learning Commons

Pippa Davies: Engaging Students in the Heritage Christian Schools Learning Commons

Dr. David Loertscher: The uTec Maker Fair

1 comment:

  1. There is so much to consider when we explore environments for learning. The learning commons physical and virtual spaces, technologies,collections,expertise, experiences all blend together and keep on changing to meet the needs at the time.
    Thanks so much Lois, Pippa, Marc and David for giving everyone a taste of the best!